Thursday, February 20, 2014

Views of Congo

Shortly after arriving at CFM's campus from the well-drilling project, I tagged along on a trip to see a village school.  Here are some views of what school is like for many village kids:

another scene from the school
After visiting the school, we went to another village.  We wanted to see the village's river access, so we could plan boat trips there.  We were escorted well.

Mosier family at the river

At the end of November, I got to accompany Luke and Chantée, with their crew, on a trip down the Congo river.  They went to the villages of Yangambi and Yalolia, setting up their portable dental clinic at each village.  The video below, though not professional by any means, gives a good view of what it was like at Yangambi.  It was similar at Yalolia, with the addition of crowds of kids.

Handing out toothbrushes in Yalolia

When I would bring out my camera in Yalolia, the kids would go crazy.

These kids walk a few kilometers to and from school.  Many in Congo walk 5km or more each way.

I met these guys when I was walking down the road looking for fruit for sale.  They showed me this new church start on the way.

When the people in this village heard that I was looking for fruit, they sent kids shimmying up the papaya trees.  I ended up with way too many papayas.

Luke and Chantée, with the Yalolia pastor's daughter

Last-minute tooth removal

Pushing upriver: the guys plant their poles, then walk to the back of the canoe.

Rivers afford the best access to many villages in Congo, so the proposed CFM hospital needs river access.
Guys from the land office showed us a potential riverfront property

Ferry service - many ladies with huge loads of produce, as below, would cross the river here to get to the market

the market is still a long walk away
Views from at or near the CFM property
the Congolese love to celebrate whenever they can - in this case for the arrival of Barry Mosier

The view has been different for the last couple of weeks: the conditions on Rose-Swanson are great for snow-biking right now