Friday, January 25, 2013

Quick sum of 2 1/2 weeks of Thai time

I've been back in Thailand for more than 2 weeks so far. I have lots of blogworthy material, but lots of other priorities. I'll see if I can get the material on the blog before going back to Canada...

Here are a few highlights I'll try to rant about ad nausea when I have time:

- the two day journey to Sunshine Orchard took me six days
(much of it actually wasn't hard to enjoy)
- many improvements have happened at the school since I left last April
(finished medical building and houses, more teachers, etc.)
- what I've been up to
(I'll sum it up as "no good" for now)
- the little I've learned about past politics in Burma
(expletives fail to describe it - you can look up "8888 Uprising" to learn a bit)
- what I was up to when I was at home since last time here
(same as the comment 2 points above)

for now, here's one picture from Bangkok
 - please don't comment about how it resembles this blog's author