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Monday, January 30, 2012

Games day

Sunday was the boys' picnic: here's some of the action

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


On many days, the students here get told to go take a hike.  They have to go a few km up into the rather steep hills and bring back some 2X4's, I mean, bamboo.  Some of them wear their best rugged-terrain gear: pyjamas and flip-flops.  Others just wear their school clothes.  You would be amazed at the terrain these guys haul the bamboo over.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back at Sunshine Orchard

I'm back in Thailand for a few months - same place ( 17°27'24.89"N 98° 2'18.62"E for Google Earth users)
The main highlight since last time here was a month at Wilderness Way Adventures, learning how to flip river rafts, stir up a bunch of people while doing a mock search, etc.
The day before coming here, I did the same thing as the day before coming last year:
Anyway, I made it back after having a changed flight and unexpected night in Bangkok. I'm really thankful to a couple of ladies, Mao and Karen, who had the same schedule change and helped me out. I think their help was providential: I probably would have missed a flight without them. I went to the wrong check-in at the Bangkok airport, and by the time I got to the right one, I was running late, and at the back of a long line. Mao, who is from Thailand, directed me to the empty business-class line and did some explaining for me. She and Karen had been watching to make sure I got through.
I'm also thankful to Bucky Knecht, who made two trips to the Chiang Mai airport and did a bunch of waiting because I never had time to phone and explain the situation.
It's encouraging to see the progress that has been made at the school. Hills that were covered in only weeds last time are now green with banana trees and tapioca (cassava) plants that are about 10ft tall. Also, there are sites leveled for houses on the property across the road, which was fully paid off in December.
This view from the hut I'm staying in shows some of the garden progress:
Many students were eager for a hike on Sabbath: here's what you missed.

Yesturday I found out how bad I am at installing local electrical fixtures. I broke both of the outlets I put in, and had to figure out other connections. Then, in an attempt to put up two switches I broke three - they're really brittle and have no cut-outs for wires. Anyway, it all works and I never got fired.