Friday, December 25, 2009

CFM property

sorry it's not a better picture, but I'm in a hurry. You should be able to look up the coordinates in the bottom left of the picture to see where the property is.
We are all moved out to the property now.

Merry Christmas by the way... this has been a funny year: a sunny tropical Christmas, and I had a few days of snow in June.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2 rather full months

Sorry for not posting for so long.
I must have been busy the last couple months

We've mad a lot of progress at the property:
- the senior Mosier family moved out to their new house on the property
- Keith and Tammy move out tomorrow
- the duplex and the Mtenzie house are more than 1/2 done
- the second shop is almost done
- the water system is mostly done

At the time of my last post I think there was only one building beyond the foundation stage.

There were more than 60 locals, mostly brick masons and labourers, working for us - it was hard keeping them busy, but they sure got lots done. On Friday we layed a bunch of them off though, so we should be working at a more relaxed pace soon - hopefully...

This has been an axcellent learning experience for me: so far I've learned simple house wiring and plumbing, how to put up ceilings the African way, how to do concrete floors the African way (it's way different than the North American way) and a bunch of other little things. Two American "Jack of all trades" - or in this case Keith and Bob of all trades - were here for a month. I got to learn quite a bit from them.

Today I was doing plumbing: I learned why I like landscaping better than plumbing. I also helped a bit digging the well deeper - at least enough to say I did.

Please keep CFM in your prayers: there are lot of obstacles to overcome. For instance, some other people are claiming the CFM property as theirs - one man, a general's son, got his expired papers for the land renewed, and is doing his best to get money out of the Mosiers. The land officials - and the law - are on CFM's side, and they almost have the legal stuff taken care of, but the battle's not over yet. And there will surely be more struggles, but this is God's project, so He'll take care of it.

I should really hurry up and fix my laptop and get more pictures posted, but that's all for now